Friday, September 28, 2007

so i am getting used to being an only child. there is no getting USED to it, only there is more space to do nothing in now. what i hate most is going upstairs at night to sleep, and ali and sana's rooms are dark and mine, in the middle, is alight. it makes a strange lighthouse kind of image in my mind. not that i am a beacon of hope or anything, but it retains some manner of strange poignancy. i have also discovered it is no fun to nick sana's clothes when she isn't there to make her grumpy llama face and yell at me. and she isn't there to turn off my light either, and ali isn't around to make the pankha go at the speed of light. sigh. i think i will go brush my teeth now. so glad for munchie's being here. and there is s, and scrabble practise. ooer, i'm a dork.

Mina at 10:38 AM