Tuesday, August 28, 2007

we're all sitting at the table at lunch talking when miss peanut asks her mother,
"is that daddy's friend?"
so s apa says
"yes, but that's also mina phuppo's husband to be!"
so miss peanut is a little mystified, but she gets it. then s apa goes
"do you want to say hi to s phuppa?"

and i was listening and had such a big chuckle at s being someone phuppa, and how fatly waistcoated the word sounds, and just a big happy at the familyness of it all. and miss peanut did say hello, despite being utterly crankypants.

Mina at 5:49 PM


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Can you spell HITAUS? i have missed this space UFF UFF UFF!!!!!! having no internet to speak of at home is such a horrendous thing keh buss. uffff.

i'm betrothed. who'da thunk? haha! will resist temptation to blog about it though, although i did find myself ringing up cheesoo and asking her if the level of insanity of all others is normal (she said yes, and i also got to hear ali baba squawking in the background which is as good as saying hello in my book); wedding blogs are rather reassuring now. heeeeheheehehee i still can't get over this; i'm going to get married in some months hhahaa ME how funny. does this mean i have to grow up and wear less hats? i had to buy an aunty bag because the one i have- khaadi, with rickshas and fish embroidered on it with orange straps and yummy yummy yummy- was a bit off with nice-girl Acha Wala Jora in life generally. so charles and keith obliged with a very nice taupe confection, but it is still a Very Nice Bag and makes me look like a sleek rich girl, not the wrap skirt bead-laden datsun driving hobo that i am, albeit wearing a Very Nice Watch because watches should always be such. uss ke ilawa syd knows what i'm talking about.

HAHAHA who left that typing with fingers message? i've been cracking up about that ever since i read it. hahahahaa!!

BT is gone. MZM is leaving parson. K on the twelfth, Cokepants on the thirteenth, Syd on the twentieth. i feel so bereft. i'm trying to ignore all these dates in some stupid supersitious hope that it actually won't happen- not that i don't want them to go and be awesome but as if both things can happen simultaneously. the other day sana was harassing me about march weddings and i almost burst into tears because i so didn't imagine all of this without the little gang i have and she wasn't making it any easier... woh bhi chali jayegi and then amma and i will stump around the khaali house like rattly peas, and when play season begins and hopefully i get to do a play she'll be alone and i will feel like an errant abandoner. sniff. i detest alonelity.

la la la! i'm loving blogging again WHEEEEE! will be a gooder girl about it now.

Mina at 2:57 PM